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Walter Mair wrote epic orchestral music for SEGAs No.1 strategy game. This earned him a nomination

for the prestigious Ivor Novello Awards in 2010 for “Best Soundtrack for a Video Game”.

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Creative Assembly

Music Composer: Walter C. Mair

Sequencing Programmer: Jack Matthias


«Empire: Total War» is the latest installment in the award-winning Total War series from
critically acclaimed development studio Creative Assembly, and has just been released

by SEGA.

The epic score was first composed with the latest orchestral sample libraries and then
recorded by a 60 piece orchestra.


This is what the leading game magazines say about the video game and it’s epic soundtrack

IGN: “The music fits the martial tone of the game perfectly and definitely helps players
get into the mood for the setting”, and gives the sound a glowing 9/10 score. They
describe the game as incredible and give it a 9.5/10 rating.

Now Gamer: “Empire: Total War is a masterpiece, the greatest, most accomplished
and ambitious strategy epic in the history of gaming and one of the most exceptional
games of all time.” The sound scores 9.5/10, and the game receives a perfect 10/10 score.

PC Gamer calls it “one of the most playable, and therefore important and accomplished,
games ever created”, giving it a score of 94%.

PC Format: “A colossus of a game”, “the stuff of legend”, rating: 92%

GameStar rates it at 9/10

Insidegamer gives it a 9+ rating

Eurogamer calls the game “Unforgivably brilliant” and gives it 9/10

IGN UK – on the sound: “A quality musical score, booming cannons, snapping muskets,
clanging steel and roaring battle cries”. Sound 9/10, overall 9.5/10

Gamingheaven: “The musical score is great as it suits the nature of the game perfectly”,
“possibly one of the Games Of The Year 2009”, overall 94%

Empire: Total War


“This is the grandest, most spectacular work of strategy gaming on the PC”,
says PC Gamer magazine and gives the game a “Must Buy” award.

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