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The movie will see it’s theatrical release in summer 2013.

Film clips will be uploaded closer to release date so check back soon.

The List is directed by Palme d’Or nominated director Klaus Huettmann and BAFTA nominated production company
NOW Films (North Of Watford), ‘The List’ is a political thriller that charts the battle between the creator of a popular
website which outs corrupt individuals and an assassin who starts executing those who get to the top of the list. The List
stars Sienna Guilory (Resident Evil: Afterlife, Eragon), Clive Russell (Sherlock Holmes, The 13th Warrior), Rebecca Ferdinando
(X-Men First Class), Bill Paterson (Miss Potter, Kingdom of Heaven) and Anthony Flanagan (Shameless, Red Riding).

The List – Final Cue

This is the final cue for the film. It starts with a sad undercurrent that evolves into a strong theme.
Starting on a mellow string line with piano, followed by orchestra and electronic sounds which then
sees a darker twist right at the end of the film.

The List – Montage

This track features different themes and motives, rhythmical beds and tense soundscapes that were created for the movie.

Director: Klaus Huettmann
Producer: Patrick Fischer
Distributer: Imagination Worldwide
Music composer: Walter Mair

The List


Music composition for a thriller by Palme d’Or nominated director Klaus Huettmann

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